Chromebook One to One Program

Adams Middle School is proud to offer a one to one Chromebook program that provides universal access to a Chromebook for every teacher and student in the building. In addition to greater access, students receive instruction that builds on their existing bank of knowledge and skill set with technology. Student use of technology regularly includes:
  • composing and revising written works,
  • creating multimedia presentations to display understanding, 
  • participating in cooperative learning projects in an online community, 
  • organizing calendars and school work, 
  • completing assessments and reviewing feedback, and 
  • researching and evaluating the validity of sources. 
We will begin the 2017-2018 school year with extensive training for students as they receive their Chromebook in the first two weeks of school. Particular attention will be paid to our entering 6th grade students who may have some experience with the use of Chromebooks from Miller Elementary School, but not in a one to environment. Training will include guidance on acceptable use and proper care for the devices. 

In order to begin the process of answering questions, we have created a RAMS 1:1 Frequently Asked Questions page on the school website which documents and answers questions posed by parents throughout the process.

The Chromebook program has been an overall success to date. Teacher and student practice throughout the school had been positively pushing on the need for greater access to devices, and the 1:1 Chromebook program has allowed us to have spontaneous access. As a professional community, we are using technology in our efforts to improve teaching and learning; working to use technology in purposeful ways, not simply technology for technology’s sake; using technology to empower and engage students as learners, collaborators and creators; and realizing that, at times, the best use of technology is for it to be safely placed aside as we engage in face to face discussions, physical movement or problem solving without technology as a medium.


David Jordan
Robert Adams Middle School Principal