1/19/2017 Daily Announcements

posted Jan 19, 2017, 4:36 AM by Michelle Meredith   [ updated Jan 19, 2017, 4:38 AM ]

Attention Pats fans: We have a big game coming up this weekend, so in order to send the Pats all the positive energy we can, we want you to dress up in your Pats gear on Friday. From your Patriots hoodie down to your Patriots socks, wear it all on Friday. GO PATS!

Good Morning, RAMS! Here’s your SPIRIT update... Congrats on completing the second round of preliminaries for the academic bowl yesterday! You’ll notice that some homerooms have pooled their knowledge particularly well. Here are your current standings: In 6th grade: Mrs. Multer continues her lead on Team 1; Mrs. Buckley and Mrs. Ditto-Kustwan are still tied on Team 2; and on Team 3 Mrs. Burns continues her lead. In 7th grade: there’s a new leader on Team 1-Mr. Vanesian; Miss Malloy moves ahead on Team 2; and Mr. Conant and Miss Cormier (with the highest total across all three grades) have solidified their lead on Team 3. #winning In 8th grade: Mrs. Farese and Mrs. Kizik are now tied on Team 1; Mrs. Rice continues her lead on Team 2; and Mr. Craft, despite some struggles in yesterday’s round, still leads on Team 3. Don’t forget to bring in Food Pantry items tomorrow. New donations can be given to the winning homeroom on the team in order to bring the total to 50 so that your team will earn an extra point at the Finals. We’ll announce the winners of the Preliminary Rounds this afternoon. Good luck on your final preliminary round today!

Good morning Adams! There is a green team meeting today after school in room 121. And as always new members are always welcome. Have a great day!

Debate club meets today in room 123. All grades are welcome.

Attention GR8 students attending the 2017 trip to Washington, DC over April Vacation: Second payments are now due and can be either mailed to Mr. Bazinet or handed to Mr. Perry in Room 129. Please see Mr. Perry if you are not yet signed up, but are interested in attending the trip.

Good morning yearbook club! This is a friendly reminder that yearbook club meets again NEXT Thursday. See you then!