1/21/2016 Daily Announcements

posted Jan 21, 2016, 4:33 AM by Michelle Meredith   [ updated Jan 21, 2016, 4:35 AM ]

Nerd Herders, don't forget about this afternoon's meeting in room 124! See you there!

A reminder to students interested in working on the literary magazine: We will be meeting on Thursday, Jan. 21, in Room 228. Please bring new work for sharing and feedback. All students from all grades are welcome. This includes artists and cartoonists in addition to writers.

Good Morning, RAMS! Here’s your SPIRIT update... Congrats on completing the second round of preliminaries for the academic bowl yesterday! You’ll notice that several homerooms have pooled their knowledge particularly well and some new leaders have emerged. Here are your current standings: In 6th grade: Mrs. Conahan is leading on Team 1; Now all alone in the lead on Team 2 is Mrs. Buckley; and Mrs. Burns has widened the lead on Team 3. In 7th grade: Mrs. Schmid is in the lead on Team 1; Ms. Bouchard has added some points and is now tied with Mr. Rollins on Team 2; And though Mr. Conant’s and Miss Cormier’s homeroom gained a lot of points, it wasn’t enough to dethrone Mrs. Doire’s and Mrs. Soto’s homeroom. In 8th grade: Mrs. Cutone is alone in the front of Team 1; Mr. Zak has widened the lead on Team 2; and despite a strong showing from Mr. Craft, Mrs. Simpson is still the leader on Team 3. Bring in Food Pantry items tomorrow to pool for the winning homeroom. New donations can be donated to bring the total to 50 which will earn an extra point at the Finals. We’ll announce the winners of the Preliminary Rounds this afternoon. Good luck on your final preliminary round today!

This is a friendly reminder that Peer Trainers are meeting today after school!! See you after school in Miss Lagas' classroom at 2:00!