12/9/2014 Daily Announcements

posted Dec 9, 2014, 4:35 AM by Michelle Meredith

A reminder to the community and school group members of SWATT: we will be meeting again Tuesday, December 9th after school in Mrs. Schmid's room. Looking forward to seeing you there.

It's your last chance to audition for Wizard of Oz! Come to the auditorium today at 3pm!

A reminder to members of SWATT: Peer trainers will be meeting after school w/ Ms. Lagas and Community Group members will be meeting with Mrs. Schmid and Mr. Conant TODAY after school!

Attention Star Wars enthusiasts: Nerd Herd is meeting this afternoon in Miss Cormier's room (room 124). Among the topics that may be discussed: Is the new light saber design genius or a betrayal of all that is Lucas and good?

Congrats to all who auditioned for the Wizard of Oz yesterday! Due to the number of participants coming to today's auditions we would like you to be prepared for them to run late! See Miss Auster for more information.