Today's Announcements, Friday, March 8, 2019

posted Mar 8, 2019, 4:43 AM by Michelle Meredith
Attention All 8th graders- this is a reminder that Art I Honors applications are due. If you have any questions, need any help or need an extension please email Mrs. Hebert right away.

Attention Staff and Students, as you may know on Monday, March 11 we will be practicing our Intruder Response Drill. As you know, just as we practice Fire Evacuation Drills, it is important to practice many other drills to help us with safety.  On Monday, March 11 around 8:30 am Mr. Jordan or myself will come on the PA system to discuss the importance of practicing this drill and read scenarios that will provide a description of an intruder and a location in the building. At the end of reading the scenario we will provide 5-10 minutes for you to discuss with your teacher what you would do if this was an actual incident.  As with any drill, we ask that you take this seriously. We will have officers and fire officials throughout the building stopping into classrooms to help answer questions.  The drill will end promptly at 9:00.  If you have any questions regarding this upcoming drill please be sure to reach out to your teachers, guidance counselors, or administration.

Attention dog lovers Ms. Boucher's dog Sparty with be on TV this coming Sunday night - America's funniest videos will air a clip of Sparty eating treats at 7pm

Speaker 1: Good Morning Rams! As some of you might know, today, March 8th, is International Women’s day. 
Speaker 2: It is a day to think about all the struggles suffragettes have gone through to get women to where they are today, and to celebrate equality.
Speaker 3: Even though the progress towards gender equality that exists is something we should celebrate, today is also a day to think about how we still need to work further to achieve true equality.
Speaker 4: Women all over the world are protesting rights today, and celebrating their womanhood, we at the Beautiful Mind Campaign invite you all to consider what you can do to promote equality in our school and the larger community.
Mrs. Powers:  If this topic interests you we hope you will join us at a club meeting, we meet every Thursday from 2-3 in 121