Today's Announcements, Thursday, January 9, 2020

posted Jan 9, 2020, 4:53 AM by Michelle Meredith
All students please check your emails--the Library has sent out reminders of overdue books.  Please get those books back to the Library!  Thank you.

Attention all Grade 8 students attending this April's trip to Washington, D.C.: please turn in the final payment to either Mr. Perry in room 129 or Mr. Conant in room 124.  You can also  put the payment in one of their Main Office mailboxes.

 Hi, this is Jay B. and Vedant R., who will be running the mobile library cart.
(Jay)Have you ever tried to exercise but it isn’t fun and it is tiring? Well, reading is the exact opposite. (Vedant)It doesn’t make you tired, and the story will entertain you, and here at the mobile library cart, we have lots of good books to read.
(Jay)We will be out during RAMS block in the 7th-grade wing, going around to different classrooms, some in the team 1 wing, some in the teams 2 and 3 wing.
(Vedant) The cart will have lots of different books from bestselling authors like Rick Riordan and Andrew Clements.
(Jay) Feel free to check it out when it comes by.

Do you want to know how to solve a Rubik's cube?  Then come to Rubik's cube club!  This new club takes place on Monday's in Room 119.  The club is open to all students that would like to try it.  Your fellow classmates Aadi and Vedant will be helping you learn how to solve these puzzles.  If you have your own cubes, feel free to bring them as we only have a limited supply of cubes to start with.

Good Morning RAMS. Do you have ideas on how your voice can be a positive catalyst for change? This Monday, right after school in room 229 (Ms. Farese), students and teachers from all over the building are welcome to come to our brainstorming meeting on how art forms like spoken word poetry can change the world.  Come be a part of our crowd sourcing for positive change both in our immediate community and all over the world.

Attention all students participating in the Johns Hopkins Program.  Everyone is to go to Ms. Doiron's room, 219, for today's session. 

Good morning Adams! Green team will not meet today but will meet next week on Thursday. Please empty classroom recycle bins after announcements. Have a great day!