Today's Announcements, Wednesday, January 29, 2020

posted Jan 29, 2020, 4:38 AM by Michelle Meredith

Good Morning, RAMS!  Here’s your SPIRIT update...
Congrats on completing the first round of preliminaries for the academic bowl yesterday! We've got some smart homerooms! 

Here are your current standings:
In Grade 6: on Team 1 Mrs. Krause; on Team 2 Mrs. Buckley is in the lead; on Team 3 Mrs. Ryan and Ms. Lagas are edging out Mrs. Multer and Mrs. Conahan.

In Grade 7: on Team 1 Mrs. Schmid and Mr. Vanesian are tied; Mr. Zak has the lead on Team 2, and Mrs. Almeida is winning on Team 3. 

In Grade 8: Ms. Mulkerrin leads the entire grade with 26 points and Mrs. Simoneau and Mrs. Rice closely follow with 25 points each.

Many of the top homerooms are leading because of Food Pantry donations. Mrs. Krause’s extra point put her ahead of Mrs. Going’s homeroom. Let this be a lesson kids: Food Pantry donations are IMPORTANT!! It’s still anyone’s game! 

Remember: you’ll need 30 food pantry items by Thursday to earn that important extra point. Good luck, everyone!

Good morning Adams. Running club meets today after school in the library. Don’t forget your water bottles!