Today's Announcements, Wednesday, January 9, 2019

posted Jan 9, 2019, 4:46 AM by Michelle Meredith
A reminder to 6th grade members of our student government-our next meeting is scheduled for TODAY after school in Room 124-looking forward to seeing you there!

Attention Students: If you are not aware already, we have opened up two quiets spots for lunch as an alternative to the cafeteria.  These spots are room 101(in the 6th grade wing 1st floor) and the tech ed room.  Room 101 will be staffed daily for those seeking a quiet alternative who want to chat with friends, play board games, or color. Tech Ed Lunch will be open regularly but may at times be cancelled due to coverage so please be sure to listen to announcements for that.

Both locations are meant to be quiet alternatives. No Chromebook use, and be sure to clean up after you are done eating just as you would in the cafe.  Enjoy!

Basketball Intramurals are today from 2-3pm in the gym

Attention web-page designers, writers, artists, and cartoonists. RAMS' own online magazine will have a working meeting on Wed, Jan. 9th, from 2 to 3 in Room228 with Mr. Craft in the 8th-grade wing.  All are welcome, so bring a friend and get creative for an online audience.

A reminder to all Tech Ed first semester students.  All work is due by 1:53 on Friday the 11th.  I will be after school Wednesday and Thursday.  Lunches will not be open for 7th graders Tuesday or Wednesday due to meetings and Thursday all 3 lunches will be closed as I am in a meeting all day and will have a sub.
Good morning writers and photojournalists! Newspaper Club meets today in Room 224.
Just a reminder to all students that hats and hoods are not to be worn in the building.  Those continuing to wear either a hat or hood will receive a warning and/or consequences per the handbook. 

Additionally, a reminder to maintain respectful behavior while passing through the halls. In the New Year, we need to see students rising and demonstrating appropriate behavior of walking and respectful levels of voice.

Good morning Adams! Running club meets today after school in the library. Come join us for some fun exercise and light running. 

Attention GR8 students attending this April's trip to Washington, D.C.: the final payment is due next Friday.  Please hand a check over to either Mr. Perry or Mr. Conant, or place the check in either mailbox at the Main Office.