Today's Announcements, Wednesday, May 15, 2019

posted May 15, 2019, 4:48 AM by Michelle Meredith

Good morning, writers! Newspaper club meets today in room 224
Hello, again RAMS. We're having an art auction during the Art and Jazz festival which will be next week on Monday May 20th. Save the date for this fun event where there will an art show, art auction, art activities food and of course great music by the talented RAMS musicians. If you want to donate art from home or your WOW project please drop off your art in the art room with Mrs. Hebert and make sure it has your name and grade on it. Remember, today  is the last day to donate artwork for this great cause. Thank you and have a great day! 

Attention all 7th Grade Students interested in attending next April's RAMS trip to Washington, D.C.: please submit your signed forms and initial deposit check to either Mr. Perry or Mr. Conant as soon as possible.  Spots are starting to fill up for next year's trip.

The 8th grade dance committee will be meeting today.  All 8th graders are welcome!

Attention 7th grade members of student government-our next meeting is scheduled for TODAY after school in Room 124. We will see you there!
Newspaper Club is conducting a survey about students' breakfast habits. Please take the survey during homeroom today. On the RAMS website, the Online Resources tab has a link to our Breakfast Survey.  Thanks for your help! You'll see the results in our next issue of the RamPage!

Running club meets today after school. All grades welcome!

The members of the Beautiful Mind Campaign would like to bring to your attention that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. You might be wondering, what is Mental Health?   It refers to a person’s mental well being, how we each feel emotionally.   A lot of times, people do not take caring for their mental health as seriously as their physical health, but the truth is that it is just as important as physical health, and ultimately the two are connected.   This year’s theme for National Mental Health Awareness Month is 4Mind4Body. 

This theme focuses on improving your mental health by taking small steps to make your lifestyle more positive.  Stay tuned to future announcements when we share with you some of the small steps you can take to take care of your mental health, but to start you off we will give you an idea for today.  At the end of the day try to think of or write down at least three things that were good.  Examples:  you helped a friend, someone gave you a compliment, you completed an assignment that was hard for you…
Try it, noticing the good things in your day, no matter how small you might think they are  is excellent for your mental health.

Any student needing to complete an MCAS makeup please report to room 101 in the 6th grade wing following announcements