Today's Announcement's, Wednesday, November 22, 2017

posted Nov 22, 2017, 4:39 AM by Michelle Meredith
There will be no math club this week, see you on Wednesday, November 29 in room 204 after school.
In Mrs. Soto and Mrs. Cormier's advisory class we are learning about responsibility. We wanted to show you some of the examples that we came up with about being responsible. Responsibility means to be mindful of the things around you. Some examples of responsibility are to recycle and not to litter. Staying organized means to keep your papers in a folder, to complete all you homework and to study for tests.  Being caring and polite plays a big role in being responsible. If you aren't caring or polite it could lead to bad decisions. Getting exercise also helps to contribute to being responsible towards your health. If you don't take responsibility it can lead you to worse things in life. 
Teachers and Students, the Turkey Trot is cancelled for today due to the rain.  We will still plan to give our donations to the Holliston Food pantry.  Homeroom teachers, please send those down to Mrs. Soto in room 121 right after announcements.