Today's Announcements: Wed Oct 04 2017

posted Oct 4, 2017, 7:01 AM by
  • Attention Student Leadership Team: our next meeting is scheduled for today after school. OUR MEETING WILL BEGIN IN THE GYM-PLEASE PROMPTLY ARRIVE TO THE GYM AT 2 AS WE WILL BE GOING OUTSIDE!
  • Quidditch will meet today after school in Mrs. Buckley's room before heading out to the pitch.  Join us to beat bludgers,  toss quaffles and catch the snitch.  Brooms up!
  • Are you interested in helping to create the best yearbook RAMS has ever seen!?  You should stay after school TOMORROW for yearbook club. Yearbook Club meets this Thursday in Ms. Ditto's classroom, room 207.
  • This is a reminder that today after school you can make up the mile.  Please Meet in the gym .
  • The Middle Ground, our school magazine, will meet on Thursday after school in Room 228. All interested writers, cartoonists, artists, and photographers are welcome to join us and bring a friend or two or three. The magazine club is looking for a nice balance of grade 6, 7, and 8 students, so come on up to Room 228 at 2 o'clock on Thursday.
  • This is a friendly reminder that The Beautiful Mind Campaign meets today after school in room 121. Want to learn to love and accept yourself and others, flaws and all? Start spreading kindness and awareness after school today... hope you to see you at 2:00 in room 121!