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Chromebook 1 to 1 Initiative Letter

posted Mar 19, 2015, 6:34 AM by Adam Steiner
March 16, 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians:

During the fall town meeting in late October, Holliston approved an appropriation of capital funds sufficient to purchase enough Chromebooks that will allow Adams to transition to a 1:1 environment. We are implementing in phases and, in mid-December, teachers were equipped with individual Chromebooks thus allowing them to become more familiar and comfortable with the devices while continuing to plan how they can utilize a 1:1 environment in their courses . Simultaneously, we purchased and outfitted 8 additional carts of 28 devices. With the four pre-existing Chromebook carts, we have 12 total Chromebook carts deployed throughout the building at this time.

Teachers are participating in on-going differentiated training during our Professional Development Days in January and March, monthly faculty meetings, periodic after school sessions and common planning time. In these forums, teachers are working closely with our technology integration specialist, Adam Steiner, while also sharing promising practices with one another. We have also engaged with several neighboring communities that have 1:1 Chromebook programs in order to learn from their experiences while setting the stage for ongoing collaborative relationship focused on the use of technology to improve teaching and learning.

In the next several weeks, we are acquiring the remaining Chromebooks allowing us to expand access further. By the end of April of this year, beginning with 7th graders at the beginning of the month, teachers and students will have continuous access to Chromebook devices throughout the school day. In addition to greater access, students will be receiving instruction in class that continues to prepare them to use the technology in numerous and productive ways. These uses include:

  • composing and revising written works,
  • creating multimedia presentations to display understanding, 
  • participating in cooperative learning projects in an online community, 
  • organizing calendars and school work, 
  • completing assessments and reviewing feedback, and 
  • researching and evaluating the validity of sources. 

As part of the training for students, they will prepare for the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year when they will be provided with a device which they will take home each night. This aspect of the training will include guidance on acceptable use and proper care for the devices.

Workshops for parents and guardians will be offered on April 14 and May 28. The April 14 parent night will describe some of the ways that technology is currently being integrated into the classroom and how technology use will evolve in a 1:1 environment. The May 28 parent night will concentrate more on the logistics of the program for the 2014-2015 school year when the Chromebooks go home with students. At that time, we will be provide information regarding the registration process along with an optional Insurance program to cover the replacement costs should the Chromebook assigned to your child be lost, destroyed or stolen.

In order to begin the process of answering questions, we have created a RAMS 1:1 Frequently Asked Questions page on the school website which documents and answers questions posed by parents throughout the process.

We are very excited about this new step at the Adams School. Teacher and student practice throughout the school has been positively pushing on the need for greater access to devices, and the 1:1 Chromebook program will allow us to have spontaneous access. As a professional community, we promise to use technology in our efforts to improve teaching and learning; to work to use technology in purposeful ways, not simply technology for technology’s sake; to use technology to empower and engage students as learners, collaborators and creators; and to realize that, at times, the best use of technology is for it to be safely placed aside as we engage in face to face discussions, physical movement or problem solving without technology as a medium.


Peter Botelho
Robert Adams Middle School Principal