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RAMS News March 18, 2015

posted Mar 16, 2015, 6:06 AM by David Jordan   [ updated Apr 1, 2015, 5:48 AM ]

Grade 8 High School Transition Night

Attention current 8th grade parents: there will be Transition Night at Holliston High School on March 18th at 7:00 PM in the auditorium.  This will be an informational session on Scheduling, Academics and Activities at HHS, as well as an opportunity to meet the Administrative Team and the Department Leaders.  

From 6:30-7:00 PM the high school will be holding a Special Ed Step-up presentation in the HHS library.

Carpool Loop Reminder

As a reminder to all parents, Robert Adams Middle School has two possible locations for dropping off and picking up your student.  The first and most recognizable location is the Woodland Street loop at the front of the school near the 6th grade wing of the building.  We encourage all 6th grade parents to use this loop.  The second location is the Linden Street loop, which is on the side of the building nearest to the 7th and 8th grade wings.  We encourage 7th and 8th grade parents to use this loop.  This loop is also used less frequently, which provides for a more seamless pick-up and drop-off for parents.

Within each loop, we ask that the flow of traffic stay continual. As you pull into the loop, pull up as far as possible.  As a car leaves, fill in the gap in front of you.  Stay as close to the curb as is possible so that other cars can pass.  Within the Woodland loop, stay to your right and follow the larger loop around the back of the school before accessing the smaller loop at the front of the school.  Our hope is that these strategies can minimize the traffic on Woodland and increase the efficiency of picking up or dropping off your student.

Attendance at RAMS

This is a reminder to parents about attendance policies and practices of Adams Middle School and the district.  Listed below are some common challenges that parents run into.

  1. When a parent calls in an absence, this verifies that the student will be out, but does not excuse the absence.  A note is required from the student upon their return with the reason for the absence.  This serves as the documentation, excusing the absence.

  2. There are only 5 reasons that a student’s absence can be excused

    1. Illness or quarantine

    2. Bereavement or serious illness in family

    3. Weather so inclem

    4. ent as to endanger the health of the child.

    5. Observance of major religious holidays.

    6. High School juniors are permitted one excused absence during their junior year for purposes of visiting colleges.  Seniors are permitted up to two excused absences during their senior year for purposes of visiting colleges.  In order for these absences to be excused, students must submit documentation by the college admissions office confirming the student's participation.

  3. A school representative is required to meet with families of students with 5 or more unexcused absences.  In most cases, this has been a counselor.  More often than not, the issue is that the parent did not realize that they needed to bring in a note.  This is typically resolved very quickly when the parent brings in a note.

  4. Parents receive letters from Mr. Jordan when the number of absences or tardies (excused or unexcused) exceed 5 in a term.  This letter is in no way stating that your child’s absences were not for valid and unavoidable reasons.  It serves as a way for the school to see if the family needed any assistance making up lost time.  We as a school acknowledge that typically when students exceed 5 absences in a term, it is very hard for them to keep up with the curriculum.

Upcoming Dates

March 12 Parent Ed: Executive Function @ RAMS Library; 7-9PM

March 13 NO SCHOOL/Professional Development Day

March 19 Term 2 Ends

March 18 Grade 8 Holliston High School Transition Night

March 24 MCAS: Grade 7 Long Composition

March 30 MCAS: All Grades ELA Reading Comprehension Session 1

April 1 MCAS: All Grades ELA Reading Comprehension Session 2