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Social Media Awareness

posted Oct 1, 2014, 10:14 AM by Adam Steiner

Dear parents/guardians,

Fall is a good time of year to take a close look at your child's use of social media and the concerns/problems that can be triggered with the use of this technology. This is especially important given the range of anonymous communication apps that are becoming more popular for students. Among these are Yik Yak, a new anonymous app that displays user messages to other users in their geographic area,, Wickr, Oovoo, and many others. Because these apps provide anonymity for the users, there is a high rate of hurtful and inappropriate language and the potential for bullying. We block the installation of these apps on school-owned devices, but we recommend that you be aware of any apps that your children are downloading at home and explore the parental controls that are built into most devices.  

We have included a link to How to childproof your iPad or Android tablet in which Rogers Communications Editor-in-Chief Derek Malcolm demonstrates how you can childproof your tablet and set restrictions and control what content your kids can access.

In addition, the Adams Middle School will be hosting a social media awareness night for parents that is tentatively scheduled for January 21, 2015. At that time, we will share the latest developments in social media aimed at children and provide strategies for parents to consider.

In the mean time, feel free to contact Adam Steiner, Technology Integration Specialist at or Mary McNamara, Network Administrator at with technical questions or your child’s guidance counselors or administrators with other questions or concerns.


Peter Botelho, Principal