RAMS News- October 1, 2021

Tina Cortis





What You Can Find in this edition of RAMS News

Friday October, 1st 2021


  • Important Reminders-Family Conversations

  • RAMS Students of the Month

  • School Pictures 

  • Annual Walk & Roll to School

  • RAMS School Council-Volunteer Opportunity

  • RAMS Yearbook

  • MS PTO

  • Calendar


Important Student Conversations

As we continue to transition back into the start of the school year, get reacquainted with each other, schedules, expectations, and socializing, there are some key areas that we are beginning to notice are challenging for some, that are worthy of conversations both in and out of school.


Lunch Time Behavior

  • We are noticing in grades 6-8 the challenge students are having cleaning up after themselves, particularly when they are eating outside.  We have been talking in small groups, by grade, and over morning announcements, about the importance of cleaning up after ourselves, respecting each other and staff who are trying to ensure safety, and cleanliness to all. Just providing them with some gentle reminders of cleaning up and throwing their trash out would be extremely beneficial.

Biking & Walking

  • Please remind your child of safety when walking or biking to and from school.  We have had reports of students blocking the streets as they are walking downtown, not using the crosswalks, and darting out with their bikes off streets without looking. As a RAMS community we want all of our students to enjoy walking and being outside, but we also worry about their safety. They are never too old to have these conversations with you.

Tik Tok/Social Media

  • As many of you have seen reports on the news, students across the nation have been encouraged to complete challenges on Tik Tok that can be unkind, harmful, and a violation to our school environment. As of late, they have been challenged to post videos of vandalism, theft, and this month's challenge is hitting a teacher. In recent days, it has been conveyed that each month of the school year will have new challenges progressing in severity and encouraging unsafe behaviors.  While we have had a few instances of our students participating in such trends this year, we feel that our students here at RAMS can do better than this, and our hope is that in bringing awareness to families, student participation in these will stop.  WE ask that you as families discuss this recent trend, and strongly encourage your child to make the right choices here at RAMS.  It is important in our conversations with our students that we impress upon them to do the right thing, respect one another, their school environment, and the staff that work tirelessly to provide them a wonderful education here in Holliston. We hope that families will continuously engage in these conversations with their children and help them understand the impact that behavior can have on not only them but others around them.

Kind & Supportive Behavior

  • While we venture back to socializing in large numbers and get reacquainted with one another, please talk to your child about inclusiveness throughout the day. If they see someone sitting alone they can invite them over, and absolutely they should always be using kind and supportive language to one another. Little things to help others such as: holding the door, helping staff, and supporting one another's differences go such a long way to create a safe and supportive school environment. These few simple rules of life make things easier and more enjoyable for everyone.


RAMS Students of the Month

Each month at Robert Adams Middle School, we will be choosing one student per team in each grade and a student for WL/Unified ARTS that has proven to be positive contributors to our school community.  What do we look for students to exemplify?

  • Responsibility

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Empathy

  • Perseverance

  • Courage

The students chosen are announced on the first of the month over the morning announcements, and are awarded with a RAMS Student of the Month Certificate. A photo of each student along with a write-up highlighting the student’s achievement is displayed on our Main Lobby bulletin board.  Congratulations to this month’s recipients:

Grade 6: Colin Doherty, Naomi Cong, Warren Greer

Grade 7: Manuela Bariani, Melissa Chiang, Rish Mitra

Grade 8: Taylor Maurer, Michael Crandall-McBride, Brogan Roche

ARTS/WL: Tatiana Hernandez


Walk & Roll

Next Wednesday, October 6 we will have our Annual Walk & Roll to school  This is a statewide event through Safe Routes to School that encourages students to walk or ride their bike to school.  For those students who live too far from RAMS, they can be dropped at our safe space locations(CVS, St. Mary’s, Baptist Church) and walk the remaining route to school. We will be having many staff, Holliston Police, State Police, and Town Officials out and about walking on the morning of October 6...we hope to see as many students as possible out there!!


School Pictures

School pictures have come in! Your child will be receiving their picture packets this week in school. Please note that picture retakes will be October 26, and outside weather permitting. If you would like a retake, your child must bring back on the day of retakes their entire packet.


RAMS Yearbooks

2020-2021 RAMS Yearbook "Change of Plans"

If any 7th or 8th grade students would like a copy of last year's yearbook, we still have some available for purchase!

Last year's 2020-2021 RAMS yearbook, "Change of Plans" is available on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last!

If any 7th or 8th grade students are interested in purchasing the 2021 "Change of Plans" yearbook, please bring in $25 cash or check written out to Robert Adams Middle School. 

Students can bring cash/check to the main office, or to Ms. Ditto in classroom 207, or Ms. Lagas in classroom 204.


RAMS School Council-Volunteers Needed

RAMS School Council is a small representative group of parents, teachers, community members and administrators which meets to review and discuss the school improvement goals and efforts for the school and help inform efforts and goals for the following year.  If you are interested in serving on the RAMS School Council, please email Principal David Jordan at jordand@holliston.k12.ma.us



MS PTO Meeting

Our next MS PTO meeting will be Tuesday, Oct. 12th at 3:00 pm. We will start the year off with virtual zoom meetings, but hope to switch to in-person as the year progresses. We look forward to having you there.  Please email hollistonpto@gmail.com for a zoom link.

 Outdoor Volunteer Lunch Monitors Needed

We need your help to volunteer as lunch monitors, so we can offer the students the opportunity to enjoy lunch outdoors(weather permitting). Please sign up here.

 Townwide PTO Meeting

Our first Townwide PTO meeting of the year will be Monday, Oct. 4th at 7:00pm. We will start the year off with virtual zoom meetings, but hope to switch to in-person as the year progresses. Please email hollistonpto@gmail.com for a zoom link. Please join us!

 Join the MS PTO!

It’s easy – visit www.HollistonPTO.org to join!  Just $15 to support your child, their teachers and many programs within the school.




4       Townwide PTO Meeting at 7:00pm

8       No School/Professional Day for staff

11     No School/Columbus & Indigenous Peoples Day 

12     PTO Meeting at 3:00pm via zoom

26     Picture Retakes