PowerSchool Parent/Guardian/Student Info

In mid-August, we sent instructions (by email) to 6th-grade families to set up a "Unified Classroom Parent/Guardian Portal" account for you to see your student’s classes, teachers, assignments & grades.  

The “Unified Classroom Parent/Guardian Portal” and “Annual Student Verification Form” are two separate and independent modules of PowerSchool.  All parents/guardians will receive a system-generated email containing a snapcode link to an Enrollment ("Annual Student Verification Form") page for you to confirm and update the information in our new student database. This process will occur annually prior to the new school year. Please contact Michelle Meredith at meredithm@holliston.k12.ma.us if you have any questions about the "Annual Student Verification Form".

Unified Classroom Parent/Guardian Portal Setup Information

Note: If you have already completed the Unified Classroom Parent/Guardian portal account setup, then you may disregard the information below.

You should have received an email with a password-protected attachment containing your student’s Access ID and Access Password. 

Below is a link to directions to create the Unified Classroom Parent/Guardian Portal account using the Access ID and Access Password. 

If you run into any issues in this process, please feel free to contact Tina Cortis at cortist@holliston.k12.ma.us .

Once your account is set up, follow this link to the Unified Classroom Parent/Guardian Portal.

This link provides instructions for checking student schedules, grades, and attendance, as well as other features including course registration.

This link provides you information on how to add an additional student to the Parent Portal.