Nurse's Office

Attention Parents/Guardians of Students Entering Grade 7:

All students entering grade 7 are required to provide documentation of a  
Tdap (Tetanus/Pertussis) and a New Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine (MenACWY) 
PRIOR TO ENTRANCE into grade 7.

Your child may have already had the immunizations.  
Please check your child's latest physical exam and provide me with that documentation.

School Nursing and Student Health - Beaverton School District

  • The goal of the Holliston Public School Health Services Department is to promote an optimum level of wellness and remove health related barriers in order to enhance the education process. We believe that health and education are interrelated and that a healthy student is the best learner. 

  • The Robert Adams Middle School Health Office is committed to providing basic health services, health promotion and prevention of disease, health maintenance and a safe and caring environment for all students.

  • The Robert Adams Middle School Health Office provides basic health services that include first aid, management of emergencies, health teaching and counseling, administration of medications and treatments, assistance in management of chronic illness, infectious disease control, monitoring of immunizations and required physical exams, annual vision, hearing, scoliosis and growth screening programs and staff training in CPR, Epinephrine Administration Programs, and Standard Precaution Programs.

Medication Policies

The following policies have been put into place to ensure the health and safety of children needing medicine during the school day.  In order for a child to receive a prescription or over the counter medication at school, we require the following:

  • A signed consent by the parent or guardian.
  • A signed medication order from your child’s physician or nurse practitioner

Click here for the Medication Order/Parental Consent Form

Special medication situations:

  • For short-term prescription medications, those requiring administration for ten (10) days or less, the pharmacy labeled container may be used in lieu of a licensed prescriber’s order.
  • Nonprescription medications, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, require written parental consent only.
  • Over the counter medications, such as cough medicine and antihistamines, require a signed medication order from your child’s licensed prescriber.

Medicines should be delivered to the school in a pharmacy or manufacturer labeled container by you or a responsible adult whom you designate. Please ask your pharmacy to provide separate bottles for school and home. No more than a 30 day supply of the medicine should be delivered to the school.

When your child needs a medicine during the school day, please act quickly and follow these policies so that we may begin to give the medicine as soon as possible.

Grade 7 Physical Examinations

Physical Examinations are required by Massachusetts Law, (M.G. L. Chapter 71, Section 57).  A physical is required for all Grade 7 students.  These examinations may be conducted within the school year or within six months (March) before entry to Grade 7 with the results on file by June 1 of the 7th grade year.  A physical performed between March 1, 2021 and June 1, 2022 is acceptable.  Students who have had recent physical exams should please send a copy to Meghan Kelley, the Robert Adams Middle School Nurses.