RAMS School Counseling

Mission Statement

In Holliston we seek to  collaboratively create and sustain Safe and Supportive Schools. A Safe and Supportive school is the culmination of what it would look like for us to truly foster a safe, positive, healthy and inclusive whole-school learning environment that: enables students to develop positive relationships with adults and peers, regulate their emotions and behavior, achieve academic and non-academic success in school and maintain physical and psychological health and well-being for all students, staff, and the greater Holliston community! 

Dear Caregivers and Families:

Welcome to the middle school years! This is a time of tremendous physical, emotional, and intellectual growth for your child, which means you may notice changes as your child adjusts to the demands of school, peers, and puberty. This can be a time of stress and awkwardness as your child learns how to navigate these years, but we are here to collaborate and support you and your child through these years. With your support, love, and structure and our guidance, your child will make it through middle school with success.